Hayley is an expressive vocalist, keyboard player and emotive composer/songwriter. As a musician, she has performed with bands and collaborated on projects across genres, from Electronic Indie to Alternative Rock, Folk and Jazz.

Music Credits

2019: Vocalist with Argh Kid Live Shows and Derelict Dreams EP

2016: Music from Under The Bed, 154 Collective

To listen and purchase to the Music from Under The Bed EP  click  here

2014- Present: Aztec Doll , ofnationalimportancerecords, (Rock/Indie/Alt) Synths/Keys/Vocals

2007-2012: The British Expeditionary Force, Erased Tapes Label, (Electronic/Indie/Alt) Keys/Backing Voxs (Live Band)

2005-2012: Collaborative Project with Peter Fairclough: Momentarily (Jazz/Prog Rock/Alt), Vocals/Lyricist

2006-2008: Tiny Little Secrets, Wavelength Records (Folk/Blues), Vocalist, Keys, writer



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