Hayley Youell is a creative collaborator, musician and composer based in the North.

Intrinsically curious and explorative with the potential of sound and music to create experiences and shift emotional states, Hayley works intuitively and responsively as both a composer and performer to interact with her audience and create a mood. She sensitively utilises different tools and technologies, from surround sound to raw voice to achieve this. It is with this passion that she became intrigued by the potential of music and sound to heal and transform people’s lives.

Hayley is an inspirational artist and collaborator who inventively responds to an artistic idea to lift a project to another level. What makes her highly unique as a musician is the combination of her soulful voice with sound and original composition and as an collaborator her ability to listen, motivate, unite and inspire.

Rachel Johnson, Experiential Dance



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  1. Great www! I can see why they chose you for the lock-in!

    Hope you have a fantastic time on the island and your creative juices flow.
    Best wishes, Alistair – from the plane


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